From Nothing To Heaven! Milano, Como and Swiss Alps

In Rome I was quite disappointed of the city and at the end of my trip I realized, it’s not Rome, it’s me. So I told myself: Anca, you have to change your way of traveling or you finish destroying all the good and famous things.

And here we are in front of the plane tickets to Milan and with a disappointing truth: Milan is not a touristic place, there is nothing much to see.

Difficult mission, I think it is the most difficult situation I’ve been into my trips: having the trip tickets to a destination which I didn’t research well before and it turned to be not for me.

With 2 hours of hard, stressful and … complicated research I made an amazing plan to do from Milan!!!

1. Day ONE – Swiss Alps!

All the trip is by train: Milano Centrale – Tirano, Tirano – Sankt Moritz by Bernina Express and return.

Bernina Express is one of the most spectacular ways of crossing the Alps, taking an UNESCO World Heritage route including Landwasser Viaduct, Bergün Local History Museum (with model of the Albula Line), the winding tunnels between Bergün and Preda, the «Glacier Garden» of Cavaglia, the Circular Viaduct at Brusio and the old town of Poschiavo.

Here you can find more information:

Sankt Moritz is one of the most famous holiday resort, the birth place of Alpine winter tourism and sport and I’m sure it’s going to shine even if the weather will not be on its best.

More info here:

2. Day TWO –  Como Lake

I love the wonderful infrastructure Western Europe has. I couldn’t believe myself when I discovered today I can make Como Lake by myself, easy and cheap.

Looking forward for the weekend!!!

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