Food Cultural Shocks In Italy

Romanians have been so closed to Italy in the last decade than it never represented an interest for me. Everywhere you go in Romania you find pizza, pastas, nutella, as it seems already part of the Romanian culture. And it may be why I was so shocked of some things:

  1. Mozzarella, the real one has absolutely nothing to do with the softer cheddar we have in the super markets,
  2. Pasta and Pizza, doesn’t have a lot of condiments, any special ingredient. They are just simple so you can feel the taste of the ingredients,
  3. Ice cream, is soft and easy, no creamy, not heavy at all.

Italy is the only country I’ve been so far where the traditional food is not heavy at all. This is surprising because in the past people were working more physically so they needed more strength, which was coming from fat and heavy food. But not in Italy.

I’m pleasantly impressed!

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