England In One Day Trip

I’m not a fan of travel agencies. I like the idea of travel agency, guides and everything related with the topic. I even been tempted to try it out, but the way looked to long for me. But, the truth is that with people as me travel agencies will get bankruptcy or provide brilliant services. About the second kind of travel agency I want to tell you in this post.

When my friend Jac So and I were planing our trip to London, I got in charge of  “what else outside London” part, maybe because I’m just too bad in planing an itinerary so much in detail or she is scared about my improvisation spirit.

So, let’s see what we have to do in England: Bath, The Cotswolds, Lake District, Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester, Liverlpool, Canterbury. Here you have the details: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/england.

Don’t know if it is because we traveled a lot, but the idea of visiting other cities didn’t seem so appealing to us. What is there  interesting in Cambridge, Liverpool, Oxford?! Just another buildings with classical British architecture. So borriiiinnnggg!

As soon as I’ve seen the pictures from Cotswolds, I knew I want to go there, Jac So loved Bath. Just what we wanted: to get a different look/feeling of England. Therefore I start shaping the plan: Stonehenge, was not a must for us, but if it is on the way, why not, Bath and Cotswolds. But how to make it in a day? The buses and trains are mad expensive and we have to rush a lot, and even then we can’t make it, only if we spend the night in Bath and then move on, but this is also complicated. And this is how we start checking how the travel agencies do it, what options do they have. And… guess what! We found one which had exactly the trip we wanted to make! The itinerary was just perfect! I never had such a good much of thoughts with a travel agency, more for such a rush trip.

This is the link to the trip: http://www.viator.com/tours/London/England-in-One-Day-Trip/d737-2452T6

This is the description of the itinerary:

Your first stop is Stonehenge, the most popular prehistoric monument in the world. You’ll marvel at the huge stones that were brought from Preseli mountains, over 280 miles (450 kilometers) away, and discover the mysteries surrounding the slaughter stone and earth barrows, where the late-Stone Age Beaker people lie buried.

After traveling across the Salisbury Plain, you’ll take a guided tour of Jane Austen’s birthplace, Bath. It’s a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage listed Georgian town with delightful crescents, terraces and architecture.

Heading north to Stratford, your journey takes you through the heart of the Cotswolds, taking in breathtaking views of open countryside criss-crossed by dry stone walls and bustling market towns with magnificent churches.

Stratford upon Avon
Birthplace of William Shakespeare and home to the world-renowned Royal Shakespeare Company, Stratford is a charming market town set in the heart of rural England. A delightful river winds its way through the town, past the beautiful Holy Trinity church, where Shakespeare lies buried. (from viator.com)

We loved Bath. It is just perfect to chill for an afternoon. It is a pity that this tour doesn’t give you this chance. Stratford upon Avon is another lovely small town. It has gorgeous ancient like buildings, with a lake, boats, parks, all you need to enjoy life and relax! So you can also rent a car and go by your own and wherever you feel like staying more, you can do it.

The  guide was just great. If he could have recommend us a place where to have street food would have be just perfect. hahaha Just joking. He got us a lot of knowledge about the real nice England, we have a nice time and I truly recommend it!

Happy tripping!

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