Danube Delta – Europe’s Youngest Territory

If you ever wonder where is the youngest place of the Old Continent – Europe, now I can clarify your the doubt: in Romania, there is a place called the Danube Delta. It is the last destination of the Danube, which after crossing 10 countries and 4 capitals, goes into the sea and forms the Danube Delta – an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Backwater - Danube Delta

Trip in the Danube Delta, Romania

The Danube Delta is in top 3 most divers delta ecosystems in the world. It has a huge variety of migratory birds coming from all over the world to spend the summer in Romania, in the quite, wild and forgotten Danube Delta.

The entry point to the Danube Delta is the city named Tulcea, in Romania. Here you can find everything you need from tourist information, travel agencies, ferry, accommodation and recommendation.

Depending on what you enjoy, you can spend here from a couple of days doing small day tours, till the entire summer studying the birds and the entire nature, or living in the fishermen villages.

Fisherman - Danube Delta Arm

A fisherman in a boat in the Danube Delta

The only transportation over the Danube Delta is the ferry which goes to other villages which reside on the other end of the Danube Delta – near Black Sea. Here there are several virgin beaches and places forgotten by the world.

Some Romanians don’t like to go to the Danube Delta because of the mosquitoes. If you go early summer you will not need any repellent, but if you go later, any good mosquitoes repellent will keep you safe to enjoy this wonderful place which the nature has gifted us.

In one word, the Danube Delta is literally speechless.

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