Checked-In Luggage – 6 Harsh Truths On How Airlines Seem Them

Raise your hands those of you whose luggage got delayed at least in one of your flights!

I lost the count of how many times I recover my backpack days latter or how many people I’ve seen crying for their lost luggage.

I don’t want to sound as an insensitive person, but the reality is that lost luggage is one of the risks the airlines just pay for it. And here is how the airlines treat your luggage transfer:

A. Point to point flight – no connections: you luggage has to get into the same flight with you

B. Multiple flights: Here is when your luggage usually gets lost. The rule of handling the luggage between 2 different carriers is that the airline which brings the luggage into the airport has to hand it over to the airline which has to carry it forward. And the airline which carries it forward, has to ensure it gets to the plane.
Because of the international agreements the airlines have, in case of lost luggage, the last carrier airline pays for the delayed luggage.

  • The time between your flights is over 2* hours. The airlines has to transfer your luggage
  • The time between your flight is between 1-2* hours. The airlines do their best to transfer your luggage, but it is not a must
  • The time between your flight is less than 1* hour. The airlines don’t even try to get your luggage in the same connection flight with you.

*)Depending on several factors as the airport infrastructure, size, personnel, the time frame may vary. The information provided above is approximated and it comes from personal experience on handling with the many airlines responsible for my lost luggage.

It sounds harsh, but these are 6 truths about how the airlines treat your luggage:

  1. The airlines have a damaged/ delayed/ lost luggage budget and in certain circumstances they don’t even try to get your luggage, but they just accept the risk and pay its price,
  2. After many years of cases filed in courts around the world, the compensation for damaged/ delayed/ lost luggage is regulated internationally (Check Montreal Convention) and can get only to approximately 1000 EUR/luggage. This is the value of 2 pairs of shoes, 2 shirts, one bag and a perfume maybe,
  3. Lost/damaged valuable items are not reimbursed at all (eg. documents),
  4. Sometimes the delayed luggage is not found and after 21 days of delayed luggage it’s considered lost and nobody else ever looks for it. Check numbers 2 and 3 again now,
  5. Nowadays the airlines have pushed this issue to the insurance companies. But be aware that they also have a reimbursement limit and strict terms and conditions,
  6. Fellows backpackers, the backpacks are the least reimbursed in case of damage.

Pack wisely your checked in suitcase for your next flight and…

Enjoy traveling!

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