Andaman, India’s Well Kept Secret

What does this tell you? Andaman.

Sometimes I get into my inbox trip offers. No, no, I didn’t change my mind, I still think I’m my best trip planner, but is good to get news about unknown places.

So, today, I was in the metro when I checked my emails and… Andaman..

Hmm… Where is that? I searched on google and… I forgot to walk. No words:

And I know that even I give you infinite choices you will never guess where is this island.


I still can’t believe it! India has this paradise and we love Goa?! No way! After this I will not be back to Goa. I don’t say Goa is bad, but Andaman is the paradise! If I will ever be back to India, Andaman is on my trip list, together with Kashmir.

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