The Only 3 Reasons Which Hold You Back From Traveling

Today I’s been one year since I booked my one way ticket to my dream. For me booking the ticket didn’t really mean that I’ll be leaving, but it actually did.

These were my thoughts back then:

  • Am I doing the right thing?
  • I’m leaving a job when it’s hard to find one. I’m comfortable with my job here, I know the market, I have connections.
  • Are you crazy??!! How are you going to leave??!! You have everything here! You home, your park for running, your gym, your friends, your after party club, your cafe. What else would you want?
  • Are you nuts? Don’t buy it! You’ll not leave anyways. There is no way you can leave. Don’t you think you had enough of traveling? Don’t you think it’s time to settle down?

There are no thoughts from my friends and family, because when I told them I found the ticket and I’m going to book it as soon as I have the opportunity, they didn’t even mind me. And one day, this day a year ago, I told them: I have the ticket! It’s in my inbox!

It’s been a year since these were there in my mind and around me. I did my trip. Indeed the trip of my life. I met my biggest dream. And now I want to spread the world about it.

Believe it or not, there are only 3 things which hold you back from making true your dream to travel the world:

1. Am I going to find a job afterwards after such a long break?
I think this is the biggest fear any travel dreamer has got. Am I going to find a job after such a break? All my colleagues will learn so many things while I’ll just be wondering the world. Doing nothing.

But you actually do the most amazing thing that will made you stand up from all the other participants. I can ensure you that your CV will stand out of the croud!
After my long trip in 2010 it took me about 1.5 months to find a job and now it took me exactly 3 weeks from the moment I start searching a job, till my first day on the new company. I have a friend who took a year break and it took her 2 months to find a job.
Now depending on what you do, your career level, and your professional objectives, this process may take longer and you may want to read: how do you get back to work after a career break, how to you reintegrate into your stationary life after traveling the world.

I believe that if somebody will ensure they will find a job after a career break, more people will go pursue their dreams. But unfortunately this is what makes it special: the uncertainty. And this is what will make you special after doing it: the determination!

2. Being afraid of leaving your comfort zone
Traveling means leaving your comfort zone – I wrote more about it in my post about the Downsides of long term traveling. They say it takes courage to leave following your dreams handle the unknown, your second thoughts, the others’ opinion on your life. Then you add your possessions which made your life so good, and now you have to leave them behind. Personally I was asking myself if am I going to leave my flat, the city which has been my home for 5 years, How am I going to just pass by Bucharest? It’s my home! Today, I have an even better running venue, plus the ocean to surf and my friends will always be there.

Maybe if somebody will keep on reminding us that we can always get back to them, you’ll pass over this easier. Thoughts?

3. The mindset of Money
Fellow dreamers, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but money don’t hold you back from traveling, but your mindset which believes you need to be rich to travel and you have to travel only from the spare money. Even you want to admit it or not, you spend the money anyways. In other things than will not necessary remember in 1 year and of course they will never be the experience of you life.

Now, if you your job doesn’t let you save enough, you can just work on the way. If you want to, money is just a way, you can do it! I met so many people working while traveling: I remember a Mexican couple who were making jellies and were selling them on the street every day. It took them 1 hour to do it and 1 hr to sell them, and that was giving them enough money not only to travel, but to save. And lots of entrepreneurial experience. Hats off for them!

Do you believe there is something else which holds you from meeting you dream to travel? Leave a comment here, if not, share the post, let’s spread the world. Maybe out there there will be somebody who after reading this will say the same as me a year ago: I’ve done it! I have the ticket in my inbox!

Travel More. Live!

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