I Had a Dream: Quit my Job and Go Travel

They say once you’ve got the travel virus, will be on your blood for ever. I admit it. I’m one of the travel addicts who had stationary life for almost 5 years, travelling only in well defined doses, but always with a dream in mind: do long term travel again.

In 2011 my dream of long term travel started to take shape. Back then I had only the destination: Latin America, nothing else. Since in 2010 I traveled for half year in Asia and Europe, it was somehow too early to start traveling long term again. So, I setup some prerequisites for myself, started saving and working hard for what one day will be a dream made reality.

The time passed over, I made several trips in the Americas in all these years, I got the feeling of what Latin America is about and one day… at the beginning of 2015.. out of nothing… I found a great deal for one way ticket to Latin America. I bought it few weeks after, when I knew when all my working duties will be finished, and.. the rest is history.

Since then it has been several months in which I planned absolutely nothing. I only did the basics: got an insurance, checked the visa requirements for Bolivia, weather conditions to know what to pack, a high level overview on the mountains I want to hike, moved my stuff at home, closed all my contracts and spent as much time as possible with my beloved ones.

I received a lot of questions about my trip which I can’t answer yet, but as I’ll go along my trip I will answer them all in my blog.

In the meanwhile, today I take my backpack, my new travel buddy – Romie and take off to live my dream and to write a new chapter of Anca, traveler of the world!

First destination: Lima, Peru.


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